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The purpose of using growth factors in oral surgery is to allow the body to better it’s inherent capacity to heal itself. There are several occasions in which the regeneration process will be insufficiently carried out and will not allow for complete healing of the bone and soft issue. By using Plasma Rich in Growth Factors, the process can be boosted and accelerated. Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PGRF) is a technique used to regenerate bone and soft tissue using a small amount of your own blood.

The process is safe and effective because it uses your own resources to speed the natural healing process. Using your own tissue removes the risks associated with rejection and disease transmission.

Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital technology makes dental X-rays safer and more convenient. While dental X-rays generally emit only a small amount of radiation and precautions are taken to protect patients from exposure, some dental patients may still put off dental X-rays for safety reasons or concerns. Dental X-rays pose other issues for patients, including long wait time for film development and even environmental concerns. Dentists are addressing these issues with digital radiography, a high-tech replacement for traditional dental X-rays.

With digital x-rays, there is very little wait time, and the photographs are available within minutes. No more long wait times! Additionally, digital x-rays emit up to 10 times less radiation than conventional analog x-ray machines.

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