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Think of enamel shaping as the opposite of dental bonding. In much the same way, it’s a simple, quick, non-invasive option, which improves the look and feel of your teeth, and your overall smile. It doesn’t involve implants or surgery, just a quick reconstruction to bring more confidence to your smile.

Also known as contouring, enamel shaping is a process that can be used to fix minor problems in the shape or texture of your teeth such as small chips or pits in a tooth’s enamel or even irregular or uneven teeth. These small irregularities may bring your discomfort when your tongue, cheeks, or lips rub against them. They may also harbor plaque and tartar build up and be a haven for cavities. If visible from your smile, they may cause you to be less than satisfied with your smile.

During the enamel shaping process, your dentist will use a sanding disk or fine diamond burs to sand your tooth or teeth to remove any roughness or pits or to slightly reshape them. This is similar to the root planing or polishing procedures you are used to at every dental checkup. Once your teeth are smoothed and/or reshaped, they will be polished to finish the process.

Because the process is simple and easy to get done, be sure to talk with your dentist about a chip or other irregularity that has been bothering you. You may find that enamel shaping is the quick solution you’ve been waiting for and you can start smiling just a bit wider and brighter.

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