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The Best Foods For Your Teeth

Eat These Foods for Healthier Teeth   Hello, and welcome back to the Select Dental Care blog! If you have been keeping up with our blogs posts then you are well aware of the fact that we like to make lists of things. When it comes to information, especially information relating to your oral health, […]

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Flossing Fallacies Pt. 2

What’s the Deal With Flossing?   When it comes to flossing, how diligent are you? Do you floss every single day or do you let a few days lapse in between your flossing sessions? Do you even floss at all? While it might seem like we are interrogating you about your flossing habits, we promise […]

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Flossing Fallacies

Do You Know Your Flossing Facts?   Few things in the world of oral hygiene are more hotly contested than flossing. While everyone is aware that flossing is a good thing and dentists recommend that people floss every single day, few people actually seem to take this advice. While we here at Select Dental Care […]

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More Modern Mouthwash Myths

Don’t Let These Mouthwash Myths Fool You   For millions of Americans, mouthwash is a part of their daily routine. More convenient than flossing, many people feel that mouthwash does an adequate job of getting rid of the food that is stuck in between their teeth while simultaneously reducing the noticeability of bad breath. Here […]

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Modern Mouthwash Myths

How Much do You Know About Your Mouthwash?   Hello, and welcome back to our blog! When it comes to mouthwash, our patients here at Select Dental Care have quite a few questions. Is mouthwash good? Bad? Insignificant? With so many patients curious about this oral hygiene tool, we felt that we should use the […]

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